Phase sequence checker



Phase Sequence Indicator ( PHS 863)

PH 863 Phase Sequence Indicator
1. Two functions in one unit incluidng open phase and phase sequence.
2. Large size alligator clips : able to clip on switch-board terminals easily.
3. Identify 3 phase sequence and open phase check
4. Applications: This model is ideal for installing conveyor lines, pump systems and interconnected driverss.
5. Safety Approval : CE marks EN 6101-1 CAT. III. EN 61010-2-031


Megger-Phase -rotating

Megger Motor and Phase Rotation Tester
The Motor and Phase Rotation tester permits the electrical contractor or industrial maintenance electrician to permanently connect and tape the terminals of the motor being installed, without having to first energize the motor by a temporary hookup from a power source, if available, to determine motor rotation.
Therefore, the test set eliminates the need for temporary connectiosn that can be time consuming, costly and quite hazardous, particularly where many large, high voltage motors are involved.

Amprobe-Phase -Sequence

Amprobe Phase Sequence Motor Rotation Testers
Phase sequence testing is crucial for some of the three-phase loads, whenever they need to be connected to the electrical system. Improper connection of three-phase motors may lead to reverse rotation, and as a result it may damage equipment powered by a motor. These Phase Sequence and Motor Rotation Testers are used to assure proper and safe connection of the electrical equipment on three-phase systems.
AMP2RM Prm-2:Phase Sequence Tester
AMP3RM Prm-3:Phase Sequence/Motor


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